An interesting article on imposter syndrome. I wonder how many of us can relate? Age, experience and some excellent coaching has helped me to address and generally overcome these fears.

At one point in my career, imposter syndrome started to creep in and negatively affect my ability to push forward and develop myself. I certainly missed opportunities for promotion, preferring to assist rather than lead, keeping comfortably within my zone. Even now, on occasion I can revert, when presented with an opportunity to shine, I will keep quiet or deliberately undersell my abilities to keep me firmly within my comfort zone.

If you want to progress, develop and ultimately lead, this is something that needs to be kept in the forefront of your consciousness. Always remain honest and true to yourself about the feelings and emotions you are experiencing and don’t be afraid to explore them.

The more open I have been about it, the more others around me have personally shared. The worst thing is to believe you’re the only one that has doubts and negative feelings.

By sharing, talking and discussing, we can break down the taboos and stigma related to mental health, resulting in stronger leaders with clarity and perspective to help channel those thoughts into positive outcomes.

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Dealing with imposter syndrome
Dealing with imposter syndrome
Dealing with imposter syndrome
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