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Providing clarity and practical hands-on solutions to enable business growth, through people and technology


Ovate provided an initial strategy workshop, that aligned the founders on our objective, our expectations, and how to diversify our interests to be able to deal with changing times. Over the next 18 months, the company has transformed from a few mates with an idea, into a company that employs staff, has a scaleable operation built on outsourcing, and a business development approach that is value focussed, and set-up to be efficient through early and regular qualification.

Our Business

Catherine Searle

Honesty & Integrity


Results not Reports

Whether you are a small business, a start-up, or a national corporation, we offer fresh eyes and innovative ideas. We help you overcome operational challenges, ensuring that your business works for both you and your customers.

Having worked within the corporate world, we decided to pursue our passion on our own terms, by setting up Ovate.

Our strengths lie in the fact that we are not a large corporate consultancy with strict processes and hierarchies. We adapt our services and affordability to the needs of our clients. Everyone that works with us can be assured of our passion, commitment, and expertise.

Daryl Searle

Ovate’s approach is open, they act in “coach” and “trusted advisor” capacity with their eye firmly fixed on achieving the delivery goals ahead. I strongly recommend any prospective client to explore further, they are unlikely to disappoint.

Our Approach

By injecting our personalities into everything we do, we create meaningful relationships with our clients. A perfect mix of laughter, fun, and professionalism. Having a more relaxed relationship leads to better communication and more creative and relevant solutions. Life is too short not to enjoy what you’re doing!

Whilst we work as a team, our skills and passions complement each other to ensure the best service for each and every client.

Daryl Searle
Catherine Searle

Their knowledge and experience; coupled with an open and non-judgemental approach allowed us to explore all options and enable me to choose the path that felt the most comfortable. Having the ability to revisit areas and explore different routes has led to greater certainty in my day to day role. There are no topics that cannot be broached, nothing is too small, as they add up to an approach that works for me as an individual.

About Us

Catherine Searle

 Catherine is passionate about making a difference with small to medium businesses and start-ups. Are you an e-commerce business struggling to define processes or make the back-office efficient? Or are you bricks and mortar business looking for ways to maximise revenue and mitigate risk? Whatever your story, she’ll be the leading lady to shape or reshape your business model. All of this whilst ensuring you achieve your personal objectives, and create a positive and engaging experience for your customers.

Daryl Searle

Daryl is passionate about bringing larger teams together under one solid vision. Harnessing the knowledge and enthusiasm of internal stakeholders, to develop practical operational solutions that take business to the next level. From ‘ground-up’ transformation projects, through to software solutions to promote scale, Daryl’s pragmatism and leadership qualities position you for growth. Reviewing the business to find ways to maximise the monetisation of products and services to increase market potential.

No one is an island, so as well as our own operational expertise, we have a large network of specialists that we can call on to offer all round solutions including HR, Finance and Marketing.

From mentoring, through to devising and implementing full operational transformations, we will work with you to realise the business success that you aspire to.

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Share your business challenges with us via email or on a free health check call and we’ll build a solution to meet your budget and business growth expectations.