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Business Strategy

We help companies to redefine strategy and plans. The goal to bring clarity to products and services. This ultimately delivers results and clarity of vision to open new opportunities.

Business Coaching

Assisting business leaders, senior mangers and owners achieve their potential. First we understand the problems. Secondly, we break them down. Thirdly, we build  certainty.

Business Planning Process

We deliver clear vision summarised in a business case, creating efficiency and an agreed Target Operating Model


Improve Business Profitability

Through our analysis, we will find ways to increase operational efficiency, streamline process to deliver increased profitability 


Increase Market Share

Reviewing current product and services will determine how to expand into new markets or grow existing customer accounts 


Individual Development

Rediscover motivation and clarity to overcome negative thoughts that deliver clear leadership, vision and collaboration 


Ad-Hoc & Interim Management

In order to deliver cost effective operational change, utilising our interim management option delivers certainty and confidence


Available Services

Single Coaching Session

Book your free introductory call below. We offer a range of options from single sessions through to annual plans. Various formats available, all held in an open, non-judgemental forum, we focus on your end goal to achieve results and continuous improvement.

  • Capitalise on your strengths
  • Overcome weakness
  • Improve your thinking
  • Clarify your goals and priorities
  • Learn from “mistakes” and “failure”
  • Strengthen your leadership skills
  • Create clear vision and motivation

from £125

Strategy Workshops

All workshops can be facilitated remotely. We offer a range of sessions starting from 3 hours, inclusive of preparation, facilitation and write-up. We focus on how to extract value from any situation that you face challenges in, a list of example topics below:

  • Defining company vision
  • Creating an effective team
  • Profit maximisation
  • Defining new markets
  • Operational Reviews
  • Go to market position 
  • Product strategy

from £500

Custom Packages

Our results driven coaching and strategy sessions can be customised to suit you or your company’s need. Customisation may cover duration, attendees, topics or a mix. Whatever you choose, there will be laser focus on delivering results to drive you and your business forward. 

  • Group Coaching (teams)
  • (Company) Individual coaching
  • RED – Strategy engagement
  • Interim Management
  • Company day facilitation
  • Part-time advisory arrangements
  • Planning sessions


All underpinned by our RED Methodology >

Free Downloads! 

Take a look at our small business guides. A combination of checklists and more detailed suggested approaches to give your business the best possible chance for survival in these times. 

“It was a great benefit to engage Ovate in a coaching capacity. Their knowledge and experience; coupled with an open and non-judgemental approach allowed us to explore all options and enable me to choose the path that felt the most comfortable.

Ovate provided an initial strategy workshop, that aligned the founders on our objective, our expectations, and how to diversify our interests to be able to deal with changing times. Over the next 18 months, the company has transformed” 

Ovate’s approach is open, they act in “coach” and “trusted advisor” capacity with their eye firmly fixed on achieving the delivery goals ahead. I strongly recommend any prospective client to explore further, they are unlikely to disappoint.”

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