Our Services

We understand that one size doesn’t always fit all. We work with you to deliver a service that meets your requirements and delivers the WOW factor for your business.  We start with a FREE 30-minute no-obligation Business Health Check call. This enables us to understand where you are in your journey, your challenges, and your requirements.

Business Review & Recommendations

This is where we dig down into the detail, discover what’s working, (what’s not) and explore your vision and goals. Business Reviews can be anywhere from 2 hours for a micro business to several weeks for a much larger organisation.

Once the Business Review has been completed, we present you with our findings and suggestions for the best route forward.  We focus on results and not reports so these won’t be lengthy documents to trawl through and digest.

You will receive clear, concise advice, suggestions, and a road map. These are designed to maximise results in the quickest time possible.

Costs will be based on the business size and complexity of challenges.

Our Jenga® Blocks Approach

Building blocks approach

Retainer Services

We are confident you will find the results from the Business Review and Recommendations process valuable and impactful. Our retainer services are also available as continuous support throughout your business journey. Having a full-time Operations Manager or Director can be costly and feel like a burden, particularly in the early stages.  By accessing our services on a retainer basis, you can ensure continuity with our wealth of knowledge and experience. All of this provided in a flexible manner, available when you need it, without large overheads.

Our retainer services start at just 1 hour per month, with discounts applied for longer contract lengths.

Interim Services

There may be times during major projects or periods of organisational change where you need a more active presence.  We can provide interim roles such as Chief Operating Officer, Operations, Project or E-commerce Manager.

Let us oversee and co-ordinate the operational side of your business whilst you can concentrate on what you do best.

Costs based on either a set period of time or project size. Discounts available depending on the duration and scale.

Mentoring & Advisory

Sometimes you need a sounding board and a trusted advisor. Challenges need careful consideration and clarity. We offer this through individual consultations or regular sessions.

Our personalities are injected into everything we do. We’re passionate and honest and will give you focus and clarity on your vision and goals.  You can see our happy smiling faces either in person or via zoom, or we can offer phone consulations.

We offer individual and group packages to get the most out of your investment.

Single sessions or packages available for both individuals and groups. Discounts available for longer durations and larger groups.

Business Start-Up Package

This package is perfect for those with a service, or a product, they want to turn into a business. Our packages vary depending on the complexity of the idea and the amount of support needed.  As a minimum, you will receive 4 hours of mentoring and advisory sessions. We also provide access to our online resource portal providing you with everything you need to complete the planning and research exercises in your own time.

We will help you shape and define your concept, challenge your thinking, and give you the foundations needed to create a robust business plan and road map for the future.

Costs based on the complexity of the idea and the level of support required.

The Business Coffee Club

We’re big advocates for peer to peer mentoring and collaboration, so much so we created our own networking club! Fortnightly meetings over zoom, we bring business leaders together to share challenges and experiences in a confidential, sales-free environment.

Trusted Partners

As well as our own operational expertise, we have a large network of specialists that we can call on to offer all-round solutions including HR, Finance and Marketing.

Let’s Chat

Share your business challenges with us via email or on a free health check call and we’ll build a solution to meet your budget and business growth expectations.