How do you bridge the gap between using SMEs or ‘Jack of all trades’?

We know that within any business,  operations/delivery, marketing and sales, and IT, are a few of the crucial functions of any company, but are they naturally aligned? Generally speaking those within each area are SME’s, a career spent perfecting their area of expertise and often have the personal attributes that made them so successful within their own domain.

You may have come across employees working within the IT function who are excellent programmers and perfectly equipped to deal with challenges within their own remit, but what about their interpersonal interactions with other areas?

How do they intersect with those on the front line using the tools to deliver a service? The age old, “ it’s not the tool it’s the user” that springs to mind. Or how about the creative magic that is abundant within a marketing or sales environment?

Do these SME’s have a broad enough scope to recognise what is and isn’t within the technical or operational capacity of your company?Operations is often seen as the lynch pin, interacting and crossing over with most areas, delivering the promises they didn’t give with the tools they didn’t choose. But is this effective? Can any SME know enough about all of the areas to be able to deliver a holistic programme that works and fits with all?

How do we bridge that gap?

I have spent my professional career being a generalist. I have worked in many different areas, and have spent time self educating and asking questions to build my knowledge across the board. I have often looked with envious admiration at SME’s, some of whom have spent a lifetime perfecting their education and professional experience to become the best in their field. However, I also realise the value of a “Jack of all trades, Master of some”. When recruiting for a role, I naturally lean towards the CV’s demonstrating a life long commitment to their specialism. But what else are we missing here? What untapped skills are we overlooking because a candidate has only had a brief stint in our desired specialism, but has shown great success over all? What value can that add to a business? 

I have in the past been affectionately referred to as “polyfilla”. No one exactly sure of my specialism or how I do it, but I bridge the gaps between the different areas, smoothing over processes, relationships and ensuring everyone has a voice. 

Does your business have this? If you don’t and you have gaps that need addressing, Ovate offers a range of services from strategic workshops, business coaching and full business reviews.

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