Yesterday I attended my first TMF in a number of years and was delighted to be asked to facilitate a session.

The forum, organised and hosted by Paul Gerrard (@paul_gerrard) and for the first time the Programme was chaired by Mike Jarred (@MikeJarred) had a good turn out from delegates and supported by a number of speakers; who like myself were speaking at the  TMF for the first time.

The sessions were well received, and I enjoyed the thoughts and contrasting opinions that were shared. My session on “Agile Delivery – Why does testing get left behind” was well attended, and as guided, my opening slides certainly raised a few eyebrows, and prompted good conversation points.

My favourite moment from the session came from the expressions of the audience. The introduction was met with a lot of head shakes, but as the conversation moved on to the ‘remedial’ points I wanted to cover, the shakes turned to nods of agreement!

The sessions are filled with very knowledgable people, with varied opinion yet a respect for others.

I recommend attending future sessions, to join in the conversation and gain wider opinions on the topics of the day.

For more information visit where the slides from my session will be available soon.

Any comments or questions relating the session I facilitated, please get in touch

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