It’s one of the classic lines from Only Fools and Horses, the story of hope from adversity and a little bit of luck along the way. When you look at the story line, it is very easy (apart from the Millionaire bit!) to draw similarities as an individual to the constant chase of then next opportunity; the next promotion and the next pay rise.

On a project level the same can also be true. The starting out with nothing (e.g. No Product only an idea), which leads to bringing together a core support team; for Denzil, Boycie, Mike and Trigger read Product Owner, BAs, Developers and testers. There will be ups and downs, some initial success which leads to challenge and the occasional fall-out. But in the end the team pull together and create a war room (aka The Nags Head) to work out the best way forward to achieve the objective.

The chase continues, The Sponsor (Del Boy) is ducking and diving securing budgets and keeping the sponsors happy to allow the project to achieve its goals, there is occasional laughter and a few tears along the way.

Then Go-Live day arrives, the air of anticipation builds; we’re standing in the auction room waiting for the hammer to drop; when it finally does there is disbelief and raw pride and emotion that the launch was a success; everyone is on a high (we’re millionaires).

You are only as good as your last gig. Buoyed by the previous success the dreams (projects) become bigger and more complex (“This time next year …we’ll be Billionaires”), the same strategy is applied …but it doesn’t scale and success turns to failure. Valuable lessons are learnt from the unlikeliest sources (Uncle Alberts leaving Del and Rodney with a lesson in saving), which makes us stronger and able to adapt to challenge and change.

We find the opportunity that allows confidence to build, we invest in teamwork and flexibility, we look for “Only Tools and Courses” (sorry) to support our team.

We may never reach Millionaire status, but the lessons of life are a keen reminder of the balance of the chase.

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