The Business Coffee Club

A professional business club for industry leaders and business owners who enjoy collaborative discussion on business topics, learning about improved strategies in the workplace, and joining in professional challenges.

  • FREE Fortnightly ‘Business Coffee’ meetings every other Wednesday 8-9am
  • ‘Business Grind’ focus workshops on a specialist topic
  • Pre-advertised ‘Business Blend’ challenges
  • Confidential and safe space to meet via Zoom
  • Grow your community with like-minded business professionals
  • Get involved in balanced and thought-provoking discussions
  • Online discussion forums
  • No sales pitches or self-promotion
  • Community building with no commitment

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The Business Coffee Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a 'Business Coffee Club' Meeting?
  • 1 hour fortnightly Zoom meetings every other Wednesday 8-9am
  • Connect with other like-minded business professionals
  • Take part in lively business discussions on a varied range of topics
  • Enter breakout rooms for more in-depth discussions
  • Focus on the individuals and not the sales pitch

The sessions last an hour, introducing topics for deliberation, facilitated by the nominated chair on the day. Depending on the number of attendees, we make use of the polling facility and breakout rooms. These rooms enable focus interest groups on one particular angle, or generic discussion to ensure everyone is catered for; we then all return to a single room to share conclusions and opinions.

We welcome our members to help direct the club’s topics, and members are welcome to be as active or passive as they choose.  This includes the opportunity to host a ‘Business Coffee’ or focus session, in a subject matter area of their interest.

What happens at a 'Business Grind' focus workshop?
  • 2 hour Zoom workshop hosted by subject matter expert
  • Learn from business experts in their field
  • Take part in lively business discussions on a specialist topic
  • Volunteer to facilitate a ‘Business Grind’ and share your knowledge with your peers

The ethos is to create a relaxed environment,  where we encourage questions and sharing of ideas and opinions.  The workshop themes are pre-advertised, so you know in advance which workshops you’d like to attend.  (Small attendance fee may apply)

Can you tell me more about the ‘Business Blend’ challenges?
  • Pre-advertised ‘Business Blend’ challenges running over a 4 week period
  • A mix of presentation, challenges, and remote support (via Slack, e-mail, or live video)
  • Challenges set across Strategy, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, and many more
    • The ‘Business Blend’ challenges are run at various times during the year. They will take place over a 4 week period, with a mix of presentation, challenges, and remote support (via Slack, e-mail, or live video).

      The challenges are focussed on a specific area of business, including Strategic, Financial, Sales & Marketing, Recruitment, and many more business-related hot topics. They are designed to provide guidance, practical application, and demonstrate instant results with respect to progress.

      ‘Business Blend’ challenges incur a variable cost, based on the topic, duration, and host which are pre-advertised.

    Like to know more?

    If you have any questions or would like to know more about The Business Coffee Club, you can email us at or call on 01279 295061.