Testimonials – Our service, their words


Business Strategy:

“I worked with Ovate on a complex transformation programme for a global organisation. Ovate brought to the table best-practice delivery management capability and applied deep pragmatism, experience and raw skill to engineer a welcome outcome. Their knowledge and ability was bought to bear on a stream of problems which were handled professionally and collaboratively to provide win-win results against a difficult backdrop. Ovate’s approach is open, they act in “coach” and “trusted advisor” capacity with their eye firmly fixed on achieving the delivery goals ahead. I strongly recommend any prospective client to explore further, they are unlikely to disappoint.”

Paul Krisman, Programme Director

Business Strategy and Scale:

“We engaged Ovate to assist initially with setting-up our delivery function. Following the successful delivery of a major client, the focus switched to Raidiam as a growing concern. Ovate provided an initial strategy workshop, that aligned the founders on our objective, our expectations, and how to diversify our interests to be able to deal with changing times. Over the next 18 months, the company has transformed from a few mates with an idea, into a company that employs staff, has a scaleable operation built on outsourcing, and a business development approach that is value focussed, and set-up to be efficient through early and regular qualification.”

Ralph Bragg, Founder & CTO, Raidiam  

Business Coaching:

“As I grew into the new world of being a business owner, with increasing responsibilities including looking after employees, it was a great benefit to engage Ovate in a coaching capacity. Their knowledge and experience; coupled with an open and non-judgemental approach allowed us to explore all options and enable me to choose the path that felt the most comfortable. Having the ability to revisit areas and explore different routes has led to greater certainty in my day to day role. There are no topics that cannot be broached, nothing is too small, as they add up to an approach that works for me as an individual.

Barry O’Donohoe, Founder & CIO, Raidiam