Review. Engage. Deliver.

RED – Review Engage Deliver.   Firstly, RED is based on collaborative review. Secondly, we look at the current approach. Ultimately, your company receives a plan with the tools required to move your business forward.

Six Phases of Review Engage Deliver


In this phase, we will focus on the current position and cover vision, leadership, culture, performance, agility and direction. The review includes:

  • Assess
  • Analyse
  • Direct & Establish

The outputs will meet your needs. For instance, they could include items such as: 

  • Mission statement
  • SWOT analysis of the key areas
  • Recommended strategy and roadmap

As a result, you receive a set of initiatives required to move your business forward.


In this phase, we build on the recommendations of Review, the focus is on implementation:

  • Plan
  • Implement & Align

Firstly, each initiative operates to a defined cadence. Secondly, each team, will be monitored. This will ensure benefits are being achieved.  In other words, your company will now run a collaborative process with lean governance.


To conclude, in this phase the objective is results, through:

  • Measure & Refine

All initiatives will be measured on the delivery of outcomes. In addition, the team will be assessed with the primary focus on efficiency gains.

We review lean principles on an ongoing basis to identify future improvement areas. After that, we look at team governance rather than management, above all, to provide a collaborative and inclusive culture.

To stay competitive, you need to have agility, to be truly agile you need to communicate effectively with others, let’s start that journey together.

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