Mentoring & Advisory

Our mentoring and advisory consulting packages provide individuals and teams with the forum to discuss challenges. Are there topics preventing development as individuals or the business? If so, these sessions will challenge thinking and draw new plans to progress. 

From £110

Available options:

  •  One-Off Individual mentoring session
  • Various session based packages for individuals
  • Group based packages for a variety of team sizes and durations

(Price excludes VAT)

  • Individual Consultation

Our individual consulting packages are designed for business leaders/owners facing a variety of challenges, and in need of vision and focussed goals. Examples of what our packages deliver:

  • Vision – Determining what is the goal that you have been looking for
  • Motivation – Finding the approach and certainty that delivers the vision
  • Leadership qualities – Identifying what type of leader you are.  Discover what leader you want to be. We will enable you to support your team and achieve your vision
  • Effective accountability – We’ll strike the balance between entrepreneur and leadership

For mentoring and coaching to work, you need trust. You need to be motivated to explore new thinking and be open to challenge. In return, we commit to a non-judgemental, honest and thought provoking experience that will see you achieve your goals.

Individual packages include single, one-off sessions (£110) or can be booked in blocks of 5, 10, 20 and 40 hours which attract sliding scale hourly rates. Packages are paid in advance (payment terms can be agreed for larger block bookings)

One-Off Session

During the 1 hour consultation, we work with you to:

  • understand your specific challenge(s)
  • focus on being able to ‘control what you can control’
  • explore what has gone before and suggest ways to rebuild using the ‘best bits’
  • look at additional ways of supporting your individual needs or business

Price: £110 exc. VAT

Individual Packages

Book a 30-min, no obligation chat to discuss your individual challenges. 

Our packages are available in 4, 12, 24, or 48 Hour packages. With equivalent hourly rates descending based on the length of engagement. 

Further discounts offered for upfront package payments.

WhatsApp Support

As part of the individual packages, we’ll keep in touch outside of the sessions. If you have ideas following a session or want to prepare for the next one, drop a voice or text note and we’ll keep the development going. 

  • Group Consultations

Our group consultation packages deliver results in Business leadership, team collaboration, operational efficiency, vision alignment and sales enablement. Successful investment in your employees will lead to feelings of being valued and supported. In addition, the team adapts to change, become more innovative, and more productive.

Group packages will focus on workplace culture. Focussed sessions on understanding company values and direction, individuals roles in that jigsaw will see significant positive impacts on performance. This includes the way you communicate, connect and collaborate with each other. When your team feels supported and valued, they will thrive, and so will your organisation.

The results group coaching sessions deliver include:

  • Leadership – We will create leaders. We will create certainty within the team to deliver towards the company vision
  • Enablement – We empower your team to innovate, increasing morale and motivation
  • Performance – Once the team has clarity and direction, this will lead to increased performance
  • Collaboration – Having a leader with a clear, inclusive goal will in turn create an inclusive working environment where everyone will deliver and achieve the company vision.

Group package prices start from £500. Depending upon your needs, group packages will consist of one month (one group session per week), 3 month or custom packages.

We also offer individual (confidential) coaching packages for teams. Prices and details available upon request.

Group Packages

Book a 30-min, no obligation chat to discuss your group challenges.

Our packages are available for groups between 5 and 20 people.

Discounts offered for commitment bookings and for upfront package payments.

Slack Group Chat

As part of the group package, your team will be invited to a dedicated Slack channel to share information and follow-up thoughts and preparations for the next session. 

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