‘Business Navigator’ Package

Business planning isn’t a one-time activity. We constantly need to review and determine a course of action to maximise the returns from our assets, explore new markets or respond to external factors such as Coronavirus or Brexit. Our ‘Business Navigator’ package, with a mix of online resources, 2 hour focus workshops and with 4 hours of 1:1 mentoring sessions available, we’ll help you build confidence in protecting and finding opportunity for your business. 


Package details:

  •  Online access to our ‘Business Navigator’ Resource Portal
  • 4 x 1 Hour 1:1 consultations
  • 2 Hour focus workshop (online)

(Price excludes VAT)

  • nAccess to 'Business Navigator' Resource Portal

As an established business, there is always a need to plan, re-plan and prepare for opportunities to grow your team, revenues and business. Now, more than ever, businesses of all shapes and sizes need to evaluate where they are, determine what actions need to take place in order to combat external factors such as Coronavirus, Brexit and other legal and regulatory changes that arise.

Our business navigator portal, provides several resources regarding how to evaluate, plan and determine actions required for your business. We currently cover the following options for the portal:

  • (General) Business planning resources

Plus the option of 1 (one) of the following:

  • Coronavirus business recovery
  • Brexit transition planning

Once you sign-up and book your introduction call, we’ll provide you with access to the easy to use portal of your choice, based on your requirements, so that you can review at your leisure. Resources include:


  • How to evaluate the current business challenges
  • Are your assets working for you?
  • How and why to perform SOAR analysis
  • How and why to pivot your business
  • How to conduct a competitor analysis
  • How to engage your team and promote investment and aid to growth
  • How can automation help my business?
  • 4 x 1 Hour 1:1 Sessions

In addition to the portal, the package provides access to our consultants. Included in the price is the ability to set-up four, 1 hour mentoring sessions. During these sessions we’ll work with you to understand your challenge areas and define ways of overcoming them to make the business stronger. Sessions can be used for any topic you wish, including the analysis already conducted. 

  • 2 Hour focus workshop

Conducted via an online Zoom meeting. The focus workshop will provide the chance to take a ‘deep-dive’ into the main challenges that your business is facing. We’ll explore all factors affecting the business and look at ways to overcome, repurpose and explore ways of securing existing markets as well as reviewing other market routes.

We’ll provide a written output that you can use as an ongoing reference. When used in conjuction with the 1:1 sessions, you’ll have clarity of thought, clarity of options and a clear plan of the way forward.

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