Business Strategy

We are specialists in technology and consulting. Providing you with business strategy assistance and growth, whatever the size of your organisation.  If you are a business owner or leader within a start-up or small to medium enterprise, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Approach

Firstly, our approach is based on collaboration and relationships. Secondly, we take the time to analyse your current position. We’ll define goals and prioritise, whilst reviewing without judgement to guide you through the journey.  Ultimately, we will reach an outcome that sets you on the path to achieve your goals.

  • Business Planning Process

If you are starting your journey or are an established business, our strategic planning workshops will deliver:


  • Business Cases – We facilitate discussion to create a laser focus on your vision and objectives. Following initial discussions, we turn this into an initial journey/story to visualise the stages of growth. Ultimately, we provide clear messages to attract investment
  • Operational Efficiency – If your team consists of individual superstars, yet isn’t reaching its potential, we’re here to help. Collectively, we will define the vision and engage the team to gain their following. This process will uncover some challenges and blockers. Once known we rebuild together and define an operation that is efficient, delivering faster or at lower cost
  • Target Operating Models – Reviewing the people, process and technology approach, we deliver change that increases efficiency within the team, focusses on the vision and goals and builds a collaborative culture to succeed.
  • Improve Business Profitability

We’ll work with you to identify  ‘wastage’ within the operation. Our workshops and engagements will determine:

  • Market Conditions – Reviewing your markets, we’ll look at the revenue potential and associated costs. We evaluate markets closer to home that will attract increased sales and/or markets
  • Insource versus Outsource – Are you performing multiple roles to save costs? Are you experiencing an opportunity cost of lost revenue/sales? We review these and recommend which roles should remain in-house and those that will benefit from using an SME outsource facility on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Product / Service Review – How much are you investing in your product or service? What are your current returns? Can the product or service be simplified and refocused to solve a wider customer problem? We’ll work with you to find those answers.
  • Re-prioritise expenditure – It is very tempting to want to get everything in place as soon as possible. This creates pressure to sell and can lead to ‘headless’ decisions such as chasing short term money. We’ll review investment plans, understand the value and benefits of them all. From here, we will prioritise those that have potential to yield sustainable returns to keep your business profitable.
  • Re-organise roles – Do you have the right people, doing the right job at the right time? If the answer is no, you maybe limiting the return on activity. We’ll review the team structure and position the team to deliver the greatest return.
  • Increase Existing & New Markets

What is your current approach to sales? How do you find target markets and position your business? We’ll:


  • Define your value proposition – Do you know what problem your product or service solves? Do you know how many potential customers are in the market for this? We’ll challenge you to discover the key messages elevating your product to be more relevant and profitable.
  • Review existing customers – Are you maximising the potential within your current customer base? We will increase understanding of the customer need and objectives versus the value that your product/service delivers. Ultimately to deliver increased opportunity.
  • Streamline your process – Do you chase every lead that comes your way? Do you have a standard approach that works? We’ll look at your approach and decompose areas into the ‘sure bets’ and which ones are the risky, high value markets. Understanding the returns from each type of pursuit will drive an effective sales cycle and increase revenue returns.
  • Ad-hoc & Interim Management

As part of the operational reviews, we may discover that there is a ‘missing link’ with respect to role(s) being fulfilled. We provide interim management positions, on a part or full time basis until you can find a longer term solution, roles include:

  • Operations Director 
  • Project Management 
  • eCommerce Product Manager 
  • Agile Coaching
  • Non-Executive / Advisory roles

Strategy Workshops

All workshops can be facilitated remotely. We offer a range of sessions starting from 3 hours, inclusive of preparation, facilitation and write-up. We focus on how to extract value from any situation that you face challenges in, a list of example topics below 

  • Defining company vision
  • Creating an effective team
  • Profit maximisation
  • Defining new markets
  • Operational Reviews
  • Go to market position 
  • Product strategy



Custom Packages

Our results driven coaching and strategy sessions can be customised to suit you or your company’s need. Customisation may cover duration, attendees, topics or a mix. Whatever you choose, there will be laser focus on delivering results to drive you and your business forward. 

  • Group Coaching (teams)
  • (Company) Individual coaching
  • RED – Strategy engagement
  • Interim Management
  • Company day facilitation
  • Part-time advisory arrangements
  • Planning sessions

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